Our Story

We started as a project, All Change, in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic we started our digital presence with the Impact Leader online course.

We founded the Impact Leaders Institute a year later with the mission of spreading our knowledge and experience through executive coaching and training to companies.

imdigu brand

We created the brand IMDIGU. directed to entrepreneurs and digital leaders. The name was created from the words Impact Digital Leaders, because we want to help this target to have a greater impact on their business, teams, society and mainly themselves. How? Through better self-leadership, engaged teams and a community that supports and inspires them.

Our Mission

To promote and empower digital entrepreneurs and leaders for leadership with global impact, keeping them focused and dedicated to the success of their businesses.

What we believe

We believe that it is only with self-leadership that sustainable success is achieved so that full freedom can be won.

We believe that business and companies serve to help people to be happier and more fulfilled.

We believe that each of us has the responsibility to change our lives and the world we live in.

Our company is a collective of amazing people to inspire and empower leaders.

We believe that anyone can do one small thing to change the world. Our purpose is to contribute to a world led by better people.

Let's change the paradigm

Do you want your team to be better and more committed? Would you like to improve your power of influence?