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My life has been a discovery. Of myself and what really makes me happy. I started my professional career in marketing and it gave me enormous pleasure, I had the opportunity to explore my creativity and my more daring side. I challenged my limits by designing catalogues and stands at international and national fairs. The natural ambition of a young marketeer led me to get to know some sectors such as banking, moulds, imports, consulting, training… Not content with the practices of leadership and achievement I thought of moving forward with my own company, after some projects in wine marketing, gastronomy and coaching.

In 2021 the Impact Leaders Institute (ILI) is founded with the mission to empower people for leadership by impact. I have developed interesting work with teams and leaders in several companies, however I wanted to explore another business model and other products.

I managed to reconcile coaching with marketing which are two areas I love to work in, marketing is my passion, it allowed me to think outside the box, to be creative, innovative and dynamic. Coaching gives me tools that help transform lives and that fulfils me immensely.

The way of conducting business and teams has changed. We created the brand IMDIGU to help leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to adapt to a new culture instigated by a new moment in which we live.

Companies need financial leverage and the leader is the key for the commitment of the teams for a higher productivity and for the visibility of his company.

The results of companies depend on the improved performance of their leaders and teams.

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Being a brand ambassador?


A brand ambassador is someone who puts their face forward for a brand and identifies with its values, culture and vision. It is not necessary for this person to be a celebrity, just that they are recognised as an authority with the subject matter. A brand ambassador is not just a promoter, they are the first point of contact between the customer and the brand, either through their social media posts or public appearances.

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