Business & Team Coaching

Welcome to my portfolio, a showcase of my journey and expertise in business consulting and coaching teams. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of projects that highlight my skills and experiences.

Global Leadership Mastery

Coaching program designed for leaders of tanning industry  aspiring to make a meaningful impact on a global scale. In today’s dynamic world, leadership transcends borders, cultures, and industries. It requires vision, adaptability, and the ability to inspire diverse teams.


From crafting compelling communication tools, to behave with impact and authenticity. Training course for leaders and entrepeneurs to build strong relationships with customers and teams and how to define and align business strategies.

Emotional Intelligence for Real Estate Leaders

In the dynamic world of real estate, leadership isn’t just about transactions; it’s about relationships. In this program, I approached emotional intelligence, to handle client emotions with finesse, and inspire confidence in the team.

Executive & Team Development

I specialized in crafting and delivering tailored coaching programs that empowered executives and teams to reach new levels of performance and collaboration. With a deep understanding of leadership dynamics and team synergy I designed transformative experiences that cultivated leadership excellence and elevated organizational success.


“Unlocking Emotional Intelligence” training program designed to empower educators with the invaluable skill of emotional intelligence. We delve into the depths of emotional intelligence, equipping the audience with the tools to understand, manage, and navigate emotions.

delightful customer service

Empowerment of teams and s strategy alignment to deliver value and perform high standards of service in bakery industry. Empower bakery team leaders and their teams with the skills and insights needed to excel in customer service, teaching how to anticipate needs, exceed expectations, and build strong customer relationships.

Baking Success Together

Team-Building for bakery leaders and teams. Success is often measured by the perfect blend of teamwork, creativity, and precision. This workshop was a designed to enhance collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie among bakery team leaders and their teams.

Digital Engagement

Organizer of impactful online events  from webinars and talks that inspire, to comprehensive leadership online courses that empower, all designed to leave a lasting impact.

Leadership Webinar Organizer

I bring a unique blend of skills to curate and execute transformative online events. With a keen understanding of leadership development and a knack for crafting engaging, informative content, I have a track record of orchestrating webinars that inspire and empower leaders at all levels.

Leadership Talk Organizer

Organizing impactful leadership talks requires a unique set of skills, and I’ve honed mine to ensure every event is an inspiring and enlightening experience. As a seasoned leadership talk organizer, I possess the skills and expertise necessary to curate, coordinate, and execute talks that leave a lasting impression.

Organizer of Leadership Online Courses

Bringing leadership development to the online realm demands a unique set of skills, and I’ve mastered them to deliver enriching and transformative learning experiences. As a proficient organizer of leadership online courses, I possess the expertise to design, manage, and facilitate courses that empower leaders at global levels.

Consulting & Marketing Events

I have proven track record conceptualizating, planning and executing dynamic marketing events that encompass fairs, expositions, workshops, speeches and more. All strategically designed to captive audiences and drive brand success.

gastronomic marketing experiences

With a keen palate for marketing and a passion for gastronomy, I craft gastronomic marketing events that are a feast for the senses, blending culinary delights with brand storytelling to create unforgettable experiences.

marketing workshops for food service

I organized engaging marketing workshops tailored to restaurant owners, equipping them with the strategies and tools needed to flourish in the competitive culinary landscape. 

Mastering Events and Trade Fairs

Excel in orchestrating marketing events and trade fairs that not only showcase gastronomy and wines but also created immersive brand experiences, fostering connections and driving business growth.