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Navigating data to connect worlds.”

I’m Elsa Goncalves and I’m thrilled to take you on a personal journey that transcends the boundaries of data analytics, my passion for aviation and my deep love for global exploration.

My Story

I’m a woman of many hats, or should I say, many wings. For years, I soared in the world of marketing, lovingly dubbed “Mrs. Communication.” The art of crafting the perfect message and connecting with audiences was my forte. But as life goes on, passions evolve, and new horizons beckon.

Teaching in the training industry for so many years, I’ve witnessed the transformational power of knowledge. Guiding eager minds through the maze of learning, I found a profound satisfaction in being a catalyst for growth. Management? It’s in my veins. Leading teams, orchestrating strategies, and driving success—it’s second nature.

What’s Next?

What fuels my enthusiasm is the belief that data can connect people and cultures. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the stories they tell.

The aviation industry, with its intricate operations and global reach, is a fertile ground for data-driven insights. My goal is to bridge these worlds, unraveling the mysteries of aviation through the lens of data analytics.

And let’s not forget my luggage—coaching. It’s always with me. Whether I’m guiding a team towards their goals, helping individuals reach new heights, or coaching myself through this transformative journey, coaching is the compass that keeps me on course.

So here’s to new horizons, uncharted data, and the thrill of the unknown. My journey from “Mrs. Communication” to a data maverick is a testament to the power of reinvention. It’s a reminder that we are the captains of our destiny, and with every flight, we discover something new about ourselves and the world around us

The Turning Point

But an entrepreneur of my life, I am. This summer, I set sail on a new adventure. I boarded a boot camp in data analytics, charting a course towards a career shift into the tech realm. It’s a bold step, and the journey is exhilarating. As I dive into the data ocean, I’m discovering connections, trends, and stories that were once hidden beneath the surface.

Yet, my heart has always been captivated by the aviation industry. The moment an aircraft’s wheels leave the ground, I feel an indescribable thrill. The humming of engines, the view from above—each flight is a reminder of the boundless possibilities that come with exploration. Travel, too, is a deep-seated passion. New places, cultures, and cuisines are my soul’s delight.

Let’s Connect!

If you’re looking for someone who can analyze data, lead teams, and harness the power of communication, we should connect. Whether you’re in the aviation industry, data analytics, or simply looking for someone who can navigate change and inspire transformation, let’s embark on this journey together.

# Skills & Tools of my choice: Spreadsheets, SQL, Python, Dbt, Looker, Power BI, Tableau, Project Management with Agile… Now and ever keep on learning & improving!

My Secrets…

“Taking care of my body, mind, and spirit is not just a personal priority; it’s the cornerstone of my ability to excel in my professional pursuits. Maintaining a work-life balance, nourishing my body with good healthy food, seeking harmony, and connecting with nature are essential practices that fuel my creativity, resilience, and overall well-being, enabling me to thrive both personally and professionally.”