“Welcome Aboard: Embark on a Journey of Data, Aviation and Global Exploration”

Dear data enthusiastics, aviation lovers and travellers around the world,

Welcome aboard to my blog “Connecting Worlds!” This blog invites you to embark on my journey into the intersection of data analytics, aviation and global connection. I am grateful that you join me on this adventure where I’ll explore, discover and learn about the fascinating world of data, how it changed my life and career to tech and how I can bring all together to impact our society.

From Marketing to Data: Navigating My Tech Odyssey

In the beggining of this year I was driven to change my career, my life. I was born in Germany but since I was seven I lived in Portugal untill June 2023. During all those years and specially in the my youth I couldn’t understand why I don’t matched with my envirnonment, everything seems less and I always wanted to go abroad, to discover new cultures and to grow in a 360 degree perspective.

I had the oportunity to show my differentiating skills, my creativity in my roles in marketing, my humanity in coaching and my analytical skills in management. It was great! My intuition and findings called me to tech, in June 2023 I moved to Switzerland to a very challenging adventure: emerge in a data analytics bootcamp!

Why “Connecting Worlds”?

In the end of this course I need to show to the world my new direction. I need to create a website where I could show what I’ve done professionaly until today and who I am.

The name says it all: “Connecting Worlds” and says everything about me. I am here to take you behind the scenes to explore how Analytics in Aviation Takes Off and Transforms Our World. Explore the cutting-edge technologies and data analytics strategies that are reshaping every aspect of the aviation industry, from safety and efficiency to passenger experience and sustainability.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll also dive into the realm of global travel, sharing personal experiences, stories, and tips from our journeys around the world. I want to do this with my 19 year old son, let’s see if I can… With him or not I ‘ll uncover the cultural and data-driven aspects of travel that enrich our lives and broaden our horizons.

What to Expect:

My blog is my window to a world of insights, trends, and captivating stories that take flight. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

1. Aviation Insights: Navigating Data for a Sky of Possibilities

  • Delve into the world of aviation through a data lens, where trends, innovations and challenges converge to shape the future of flight.
  • Discover how data-driven insights are revolutionizing aviation, from enhancing safety and efficiency to reducing environmental impact, and gain a fresh perspective from a woman in tech.

2. Travel Adventures: Exploring Cultures, Embracing Sustainability

  • Embark on global journeys, guided by captivating stories and data-driven insights, as I explore the intersection of cultures, travel and sustainability.
  • Join us in making responsible travel choices that benefit local communities and the environment while gaining unique insights from a woman in tech on how data transforms our adventures.

3. Resources: Empowering Your Data-Driven Journey

  • Our resources section is your gateway to knowledge and tools designed to empower your data-driven journey and foster positive change.
  • Access valuable resources, data analytics tools and expert insights, including the influential role of women in tech in driving innovation, sustainability and global impact.
4. Women in Tech: Shaping the Digital Frontier

  • Explore the remarkable journeys and accomplisments of women in tech who are making their mark in the digital world. Discovrer inspiring stories, interviews and profiles of women who have broken barriers overcome challengens and are diving innovation in the tech industry.
  • Gain insights into the unique perspectives and contributions of women in tech across various domains from data analytics to software development.
  • Participate in discussions on gender diversity, equality and empowerment in the tech field and learn how women are reshaping the industry.

As you explore my blog, I invite you to engage, ask questions and share your insights. This blog is not just about data; it’s about connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for aviation, data and the vast diversity of global travel.

So fasten your seatbelts, dear readers, because “Connecting Worlds” is not just a blog; it’s an expedition into the realms of data, aviation and exploration. The adventure begins now, and we can’t wait to have you on board.

Bon voyage!


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